About David Clark

I sometimes get confused just what it is I am “about.”  The vocations/roles/occupations I juggle include–but as the lawyers like to say, “but are not limited to.”–husband, grandfather,  physician, writer, visual artist, book addict, hiker, skier, college teacher, and Christ follower.  You begin to understand why my mother simply calls me, “Peter Pan”  and my long suffering wife Terry rolls her eyes with even the mention of a new project.  I spent many years as a University professor of Dermatology/Surgery  treating patients, teaching students, and even published over forty scientific articles.  I do less surgery now, preferring to spend time in my printmaking studio rather than the operating suite.  Lately, I finished a wild and wonderful couple of years in graduate school earning a M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Seattle Pacific University.  I write short stories and essays (mostly unpublished), perform occasional teaching gigs, and try to remember to be thankful for my incredible blessings.   Oh, if your interested, I blog here about whatever interests me (read: eclectic), write a regular book column— The Occasional Reader, help edit the medical journal Dermatologic Surgery, and live in the mountains of southwest Colorado.  Some day I’ll add a formal C.V.–maybe.  Questions? Comments?  You can contact me at: dclarkmezzos@mac.com

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